Love Has No Label is a multimedia series about those who dare to live on the periphery of social convention, people who inspire, people who love unconditionally and without labels. Produced by Studio Christian Ruess’ home-bred platform, Container Love, it is an ever-changing sociocultural experiment with one unified message: making love visible for everyone. In a series of films and editorials, Love Has No Label tells the personal stories of four very different individuals who first had to learn how to love themselves in order to love somebody else. In a way, this body of work is as close to a manifesto as it gets – it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you believe in, or who you love, every human being deserves to feel visible, equal and accepted.

Client Container Love, Creative Direction Christian Ruess, Art Direction Nadine Sahm & Babken Sakanyan, Graphic Design Marss Mickeviča, Hendrik Wenzel, Casting Arabella Romen, Copywriter Tom Czibolya, Photography Andreas Knaub, Photo Assistant Jochen Wochele, Styling Katharina Willim, Styling Assistent Anne Berlin, Hair Hauke Krause, Make Up Fabienne Hoppe, Director Ben Galster, Director of Photography Julian Landweer, Editor Paul Anselm Koneffke, Colorist Lutz Forster, Music & Sound Design Gordian Gleisz, 86Tales, Gaffer Sina Blume, 1st Camera Assistant Philip Ratuschny, 1st Camera Assistant BelekWu, Camera & Light Rental RGB Rental, Sound Recordist Jonas Lechenmayr, Production Container Love, Production Support Iconoclast & Executive Producer Tim Augustin, Talents Chiderah Sunny, Shayne Stubbs, Katja Grube, Isaak C, Agent Lisa Mård Viva Models