What do you see when you think about gender? A bunch of images in your mind. A bunch of images that wouldn’t mean anything without the social norms that you learned or heard of and the ones you obey. With our collage editorial for OE Magazine we wanted to repeat one of our favorite statements of all times: fuck gender roles. The soul has no gender. so deal with it.

Instead of going digital, we went analog: we borrowed body parts from some already gorgeous girls and boys and hired a classic collage artist to get her scissors, glue and creativity and merge our models together. The result? An editorial that makes you feel excited, one that makes you feel good, one that makes you forget if you are a girl or a boy. It wasn’t that hard, was it?

Concept Christian Ruess, Photography Loreen Hinz, Styling Silvia Ortombina, Stylist Assistant Laura Marquez & Ekin Güler, Hair and Make up Daniela Rotaru, Collage Christian Ruess, Collage Photography Arvid Knoll, Models Karina, India, Martine, Gabriel, Art, Giannis, Johannes, Jay, Aline, Jenny, Laeticia, Magazine OE / Kaltblut