With one of our classic fashion meets lifestyle stagings our goal was to give a new, exciting answer to the question: what does a Mini stand for? Supporting the carmaker’s campaign led by Überground and Pacific Entertainment, our task was to come up with a new brand concept and a visual world that is distinctive enough to make heads turn. Besides shooting classic, lifestyle images, we also developed 360° ideas to be used across all platforms and channels, from catalogs and retail to social media and PR. After being responsible for the creative direction of the carmaker’s visual renaissance, we are very happy to have had the opportunity to lead Mini into an exciting, style-driven territory.

Client BMW, Agency Überground & Pacific Entertainment, Creative Director Jo Marie Farwick & Christian Ruess, Photography Heiko Prigge c/o Klein Fotografen, Photo Assistant Julian Mährlein, Production Shiny Projects, Casting Solomon Winter, Styling Jennifer Hahn, Prop Stylist Beatrice Hurst