We know, blonde is more than a color. It is an identity. That’s why we decided to work on John Frieda’s massive social media operation with three influencers whose genuine blondeness defines their lives. Joining forces with creative agency Parasol Island, we helped put together a campaign oriented around John Frieda’s special line of hair products and the idea of sharing the secret of blonde women. We sent our blonde ambassadors on secret trips to different cities, we helped people find the right kind of products for their hair, and we even came up with a new, limited design for John Frieda’s blonde collection just to make it easier for anyone to discover and enjoy the whole spectrum of blondeness.

Client John Frieda, Agency Parasol Island, Creative Direction Christian Ruess, Graphic Design and Social Media Studio Christian Ruess, Photography Stephan Ziehen, Still Life Photography Christian Ruess, Director Ben Galster, Influencer Olja Ryzevski, Alessa Winter, Charlie Meetz